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November 4, 2005
Colorforms played Moe's Bar in downtown Cleveland, Friday, 11/4/2005. Opener was Dan Friel of Parts & Labor (NYC), followed by Colorforms, and headlining was Big Bear (Boston, Mass.) Moe’s Bar & Grill is at 1740 E. 17th St., Cleveland, Ohio, 44115, (216) 621-2552.

On a related side-note: The debut Colorforms album has been reviewed favorably in both the Cleveland Free Times and Scene magazine!

For more info, please check the colorforms website.

August 7, 2005
Recent PTB show:
Sounds from the Salon: Sample-based music made entirely from 16th - 18th century compositions (the first era of the traditional French salons.) Lots of sampling techniques displayed here, which created a more dynamic listening experience.
| Details | Download |

October 30, 2005
Colorforms performed @ the Pats in the Flats Halloween show, along with Kong Sauce, Ohm's Law, and the Armenian Dance Ensemble (Steve Barrett's latest project requiring audience participation.)

September 15, 2005
Colorforms were grateful to have been given the honor of playing WRUW’s Live From Cleveland show! This also happened to be WRUW’s first ever Live From Cleveland performance using their all new digital (and very slick) mixing board in studio B.

June, 2005
Colorforms independently releases first full length album! Colorforms consists of Press The Button members: every man, J. Kyle Moyer, and 9 Volt Haunted House's Jack Smiley. After its first two weeks of being released, it entered the top 5 on the two most respected Cleveland's college radio station charts! (WRUW and WCSB - okay, yeah, we've got homefield advantage.)

The self-titled album was composed over a six month period of time, and contains several tracks of live two-track studio recordings.

Their sound will appeal to fans of The Deep Listening Band, Pauline Oliveros, Bill Laswell, KLF's "Chillout", and the Spacemen 3.

To order copies, visit the official Colorforms website.

"While you listen to them, colors form!" - Joe Day (one of Cleveland's most renowned and innovative visual collage artists)

August 6, 2005
Colorforms opened for the very first CID (Cleveland Is Dying) event! The CID space is a DIY venue located at 9707 Lorain Rd. (formerly the Turntstyles record store.) Also on the bill were Thursday Club, who improvised an amazing composition in our honor called "An Impression of Colorforms." The show's headliner was Realicide ( from Cincinatti, OH.

June 29, 2005
Colorforms headlined an all electronic showcase at the Rain Nightclub (4142 Lorain Ave,
Ohio City, Ohio 44113, x216-651-4100) as a part of SynthCleveland's "A Month Full Of Wednesdays." Other bands playing June's month of Wednesdays are Tofu, Fluxmonkey (Bob Luigi Drake), Sonic Disturbance, Thieves Like Me, Infected, and Subliminal Self.

May 20, 2005
Colorforms received the good honor of opening up for the legandary locals Morticia's Chair at the Winchester (12112 Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107, (216)-226-5681). Since these were the only two bands on the bill, Colorforms got to play their longest set in front of an audience to date (70 minutes!) This was also the most well-received set they've thrown together, and according to a loud fan shouting near the end of the set, "it's like mushrooms without taking the mushrooms!"

May 6, 2005
Everyman promoted his second "Capsule Overdose," a monthly experimental showcase at The Capsule Bar (which is now closed), Friday, May 6, 2005. Steve Barrett's spontaneous and interactive art project, Betamen of Judea opened up the evening with furniture smashing, drum circling, pre-produced video collages, and dadaist chanting in a high pitched voice. Next up was our very own Hetmana, performing an analog keyboard duet with Metaphysical Zoo's Tony Void. Finishing off the night was an experimental rock gig coming from Cleveland's very own Metaphysical Zoo (with Everyman doing spoken word, reading from a script written by Tony Void and his wife.) DJ C Randolph C (of 9 Volt Haunted House) spun records and CD's in between bands, working the crowd into a frenzy! No one left until the place closed down.

April 1, 2005
Everyman is now a promoter for a monthly experimental showcase called "Capsule Overdose." The first show is this Friday, featuring an experimental theatre group called Tropic, starting at 9 pm sharp! You may know Tropic from the show that used to follow Press The Button, Nagoya Math Journal (Micah Waldstein, Michael St. Clair, and Shawn P. Welch.) Also appearing is Fluxmonkey, showcasing a homemade analog modular synth. Local writer and spoken word artist Nick Traenkner will be closing the show with another one of his now legendary experimental powerpoint presentations! (The Capsule Bar, 13376 Madison Ave., Lakewood, OH. 216.227.7853.)

March 4, 2005
performed on stage at the Johnny La Rock Experimental Night @ The Capsule Bar. Also performing are Subroc, Shady Living, Johnny La Rock & Mush Mouth. (The Capsule Bar, 13376 Madison Ave., Lakewood, OH. 216.227.7853.)

December 21, 2004
The Button releases new album: A Very BUTTON Christmas! For a limited time, this entire release will be made available as a free download! This is our way of showing our appreciation to all of our devoted listeners, supporters, and longtime fans who have followed our show for so many years. We sincerely appreciate your continued interest in our work, and from all of us, we wish you A Very Button Christmas! Hope you enjoy it.

December 3, 2004
J. Kyle Moyer performed an acoustic set at SPACES Gallery in Cleveland, OH for their weekly Friday Night Live event. SPACES is a non-profit, artist-run, alternative space gallery. Since 1978, SPACES has given over 8,000 artists in the visual and performing arts an arena in which to present challenging new ideas. SPACES is located at 2220 Superior Viaduct on the West side of the Flats. Superior Viaduct runs parallel to the Detroit Superior Bridge at the intersection of West 25th Street. For details, call them at 216-621-2314.

December 1 , 2004
Colorforms headlined at The Tower (of Treason) on the same bill with The Black Fives, Nirvana "2000", and Social Junk (these guys were super cool!) The Tower is at 8610 Madison Ave., Cleveland, OH 44012. Show should start around 9. Colorforms features every man from Press The Button, J. Kyle Moyer from Ethereal Transmission, and Jack Smiley from 9 Volt Haunted House.

November 2, 2004
every man & J. Kyle Moyer performed on stage with 9 Volt Haunted House at Pat's in The Flats (west 3rd & literary, 216-621-8044.) They were asked to join a wide cross-section of various other artists in the Cleveland experimental scene who phased themselves on and off stage within 10 - 15 minute intervals of playing. All these musicians are featured on 9 Volt's upcoming record "Butterfly Boards and Soft Targets."

October 29, 2004
Colorforms (featuring every man, J. Kyle Moyer, and Jack Smiley) performed at the Experimental Behavior Showcase II at the Winchester (12112 Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107, (216)-226-5681)

October 22, 2004
every man performed with Ethereal Transmission at the Hi-Fi club (11729 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107 - 216-521-8878).

September 18, 2004
every man joined a small ensemble of sound artists for an afternoon of sonic experimentation at the Zion United Church of Christ (2716 West 14th Street, Cleveland, OH, 44113.) This event was to help raise money and notice for the church. This church is a national landmark, and the resaon why the Tremont Culture Festival is located where it is annually.

September 15, 2004
every man performed with Ethereal Transmission to christen J Scott Franklin's 96 day tour, hosted by Chuck at All Go Signs, Cleveland, OH. Other scheduled performers wereInfinite Numbers of Sound, The Volta Sound, and of course J Scott Franklin. Much money was raised to benefit Scott's tour!

August 14, 2004
every man performed with Ethereal Transmission at the Lakewood Phoenix Café with Sticky Twinkle Wheel opening. Show starts at 8 pm. Ethereal Transmission is an ever evolving Cleveland duo (sometimes trio) who also mix electronics with the realness of human characteristics. Drum samples played by hand, looped by hand, performed live by Dave Cote. A real live vintage and custom made Les Paul played by J Kyle Moyer. Droning dreams, meaningful meditation, and colorful collage elements added to the mix by every man. All this done in a unique mixture of human and electronic elements.

July 30, 2004
every man performed with Ethereal Transmission at Talkies with Method and Result . Method and Result is a distinctive mix of electronics and Indie Pop songwriting. But the core of their sound comes from a more human element (Upright bass, found objects, voice etc...) producing engaging melodies and lyrics inspired by personal connections.

July 9, 2004
every man performed with the Thursday Club at the Asterisk Gallery in Tremont (2393 Professor) for the monthly art walk. The artist curating the show (doug meyer) displayed a brilliant installation of an inflatable solar system, along side a half dozen off-the-wall homemade bicycles! Our performance was about 3 hours long.

May 8, 2004
Colorforms (a new collaboration featuring members of Press The Button, Ethereal Transmission, and Thursday Club) performed for the first time with our friends 9 Volt Haunted House, and 20 GO TO 10. It's all happening Saturday, May 8, 2004 @ Rockwood Sub Shop, 11900 Madison Ave., Lakewood, OH. (216-226-7780)

April 20, 2004
LIVE 4/20 2004 @ Pat's In the Flats. Lakewood, OH's very own Ethereal Transmission (featuring PTB's every man) opened for the headliner Fashion Design from North Carolina.

February 7, 2004
The Button
played Pat's In THe Flats
We performed a 90% improvisational set at a night of "dueling duos." Other bands to perform that night were Genetically Yours, Starberry, Missing Planes, and I Sing the Body Electric (all duos.)

January 30th, 2004
The Button
opened for the "Experimental Behavior" Launch Party at the Beachland Ballroom
Experimental Behavior is an online community of underground musicians, artists, performers, and writers in Cleveland and throughout the region. The show was a smashing success. Despite the record breaking wind chill temperatures, we managed to fill all the seats in the ballroom! Cleveland's experimental scene is the fastest growing in the country, and thanks to the ExBe website, this fact will become far more evident to the masses. We therefore applaud the efforts of everyone involved; writers, performers, and painters alike.

January 5, 2004
every man curated the Illegal Art mp3 Page for January, 2004!

January 4, 2004
New song "A Rick Jensen Reverie" added
In a sense, this is a live performance. Sampling exclusively from the Rick Jensen Trio, we attempted to make an entirely new experimental jazz record. While the source material is clearly identifiable, the arrangement is 100% altered, made up of various 5 - 10 second samples picked at random while listening to the Trio's albums. When the samples were gathered, we assigned each of them to various keys on the sampler, spent a lot of time determining the best playback order (not to mention how often to layer or loop various sections), and then performed it all in one take. Definitely worth a listen for fans of avant guard jazz. <Get Sounds>

October 17, 2003
every man releases new solo album, "Pyramid Lake"
On his way back home from Black Rock Desert, Nevada this past August, every man stopped to meditate before Pyramid Lake, a most incredible vision on Native American Indian owned land in Nevada. The adventure of doing so spiritually fed him with sights, sounds, and physical sensations he never felt before. every man composed this extremely psychotomimetic symphony in tribute to his experience, so that others may join this consciousness-expanding journey on Pyramid Lake.

November 22, 2003
The Button played the Sumthin' Fierce noise festival in Bloomington, IN
It was an evening of noise & avant-garde electronics at the Bloomington Playwrights Project, featuring Bobby Vomit, The Button, Unszene, stAllio!, Dr. Butcher M.D., Failure to Thrive, Noiseman433, Hhumdrum, T.E.C., and DJ Intuit.

November 17, 2003
The Button played the Exponential Music festival at the Hi-Fi Club in Lakewood, OH
Lots of electronic, progressive, and experimental artists lined up in this showcase, including NTX+Electric, To Box With Man, Zyklus II, Peter B, Fashion Flesh, Twig Harper, and Rotten Milk.

September 6, 2003
The Button performs live at WRUW's 22nd Annual Studio-A-Rama
Studio-A-Rama (SAR) is an all day outdoor concert that is free and open to the public. It is also the longest running concert of this sort in the state of Ohio. This year's SAR Committee asked us if we'd be willing to provide entertainment in between all of the stage bands, and we happily accepted! The Button performed from WRUW's production studio, playing a large variety of mashups, audio collages, talk radio cutups, and a new composition made from the Howard Stern show. We were given some stage time to introduce our friends, Infinite Numbers of Sound, and to lecture the audience about the Free Speech For Sale project.

July 21, 2003
every man in the New York Times for the release of Free Speech For Sale
The Button's every man and his snuggly friends teach us How to Turn a Jingle into a Jangle, with a 34 track artistic response to commercial advertising. Instead of deconstructing their sounds, Free Speech For Sale cleverly twists their original contexts. Learn more from the article, or visit the equally satirical website where you can download the CD.
<download the article in PDF format>

July 19, 2003
Glacial 23 releases first solo album, "GLAC-2"
The Button's Glacial 23 releases a sampler album of his various works between 1997 - 2003. A few of these cuts will be re-worked into a proper full length album, but the others were too good for us to leave on the cutting room floor! <GLAC-2>

June 2003
every man curated the Illegal Art mp3 Page for June, 2003!

May 2003
every man releases first solo album, "iona"
The Button's every man, usually known for his cutup & recontextualizing approach to collage, surprises us all by releasing an extremely psychedelic tribute to the color white. <iona>

April 2003
The Button performed in Ann Arbor, MI
April 20th, 12:20 AM, at The Sensorium, The Button performed a newer and more extended version of their latest work in progress, "The Transcendors."

March 2003
New PTB Sounds!
"Buttonized Beatles", a whole new way of experiencing the Magical Mystery Tour. Some would call these "recontextualized" but we prefer to call them MetaMixed. <Get Sounds>

March 2002
"A Tribute to Charlie Parker", a live set we performed at Le Cave de Vin, Cleveland Heights, OH March 12th, 2002. Posted in memory of the late Charlie Parker who died on the same date in 1955. The performance makes new music out of his various compositions, while layers of poems pertaining to Charlie get played back to back.
<Get Sounds>

November 2002
The Button performed at the "OCEA(n) Festival 2002" November 16h, 2002
(Oberlin, OH) The Oberlin College Contemporary Music Division invited The Button to join the prestigious lineup of composers at this year's OCEA(n) (Ohio Community of Electro-Acoustic) Festival, an event held semi-regularly at Oberlin, OH to promote the innovative artists in the regional music scene. The Button performed their latest composition, "Escape From Music."

September 2002
The Button's "every man" appears on Negativland's Over The Edge
(KPFA, 94.1, San Francisco, CA) September, Friday the 13th, 2002, every man performed Over The Edge with with Negativland's Don Joyce and The Weatherman, along with special guests George (Dirtgoddess) and Kirby Hooks. <download> (must have realplayer)

August 2002
The Button releases "The System That Never Fails"
The latest studio album by The Button, featuring a collaboration with The Evolution Control Committee, and samples of Phineas Narco and an NPR interview with Negativland's Mark Hosler!

January 2001
The Button covers Ken Nordine's "Flesh" for the Dictionarokie compilation

May 1999
Pauline Oliveros on PTB 05/17/1999

February 1999
Episode X made the news in Cleveland!


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