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Episode X



Can't hear

Can hear

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CAUTION: tape machine malfunctioned at the 27th second of the recording,
causing a sudden drop in pitch, but recovered a few seconds later. Most of this
should only be audible to your dog, not you. So please r
These are not poorly encoded files!

MP3 Encoded < 1 meg


*February 21, 1999

"Embedded within this seemingly re-runish 3 hour radio show, Press The Button yet again broke the sonic barrier of creativity simultaneously broadcasting a SECOND radio show compressed through a frequency modulator making an entire 3 hour spectrum of the show audible only to dogs! You have to hand it to these boys: If you can't tell them to stay up and listen, force them to!" -- Dr. John Stockhaussen, M.D., Features Editor of the Cleveland Monthly Spammer, February 1999 edition.

"Hundreds of callers dialed up WRUW Monday morning to complain to management about the chaotic noises their dogs have made while listening to the Press The Button show Sunday night, claiming they sadistically inserted a SECOND radio show within their program heard only by their pets, and that this show was encouraging them to knock over electronic household appliances like telephones and modems. Who are these assholes and why haven't they been shot?" - Melinda Rosen, Editor, Cleveland Underwire Magazine, 2/22/99

"Do this again and you're fired." - Yoshuri Sakamoto, acting CEO of TBP, Inc.

"We needed a theme, and it was 4 hours before the show, so while me and Dr. A. were fucking around with our new Suni 2300 Frequency Modulator, we thought...hey, only dogs can hear whatever goes through this setting...why don't we do this behind our show tonight? Dr. A. was like, cool! So he went and did one spectrum of the show, while I went and did the other, and sometimes we'd swap. People were pissed...dogs ruled." - Stanley Salacy, staff member of Press The Button

"No comment...but I will admit learning that an extremely amplified higher frequency test tone makes a great substitute for a dog whistle" - Dr. Asbestos, staff member of Press The Button

Are you subliminally challenged?


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