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The Damn Weiner Kids - featuring Recycled Crayon and Leia Alligator. "It goes to show you, girlfriends of noisy boyfriends are noisy too!"

Colorforms - Collaborative musical effort with members of Press The Button, Ethereal Transmission, 9 Volt Haunted House, Volta Sound, and Thursday Club.

Ethereal Transmission - J. Kyle Moyer's band, featuring every man on keyboards.

Glacial Communications - Glacial 23's solo project.

Hetmana - Hetmana's solo project.

Data Fields - This is an environmental open source sound movement, whereas artists are encouraged to use digital technology to create new works of art out of field recordings. The emphasis is on (but not limited to) nature sounds. We've made several works ourselves, and are encouraging others to get involved. This will eventually turn into a website that distributes these recordings for free in a downloadable format.

Thunderbunnies - An ever evolving masterpiece of musique concrete founded by Paul Ryan and every man while in college, but is now mostly Paul's project.

Inflatable Voltswagon - every man's first collaborative recordings, made mostly in high school with his friends Eric Pronko and Jeremy Hancock.
Comedy, satire, some cut-and-paste audio collage, and noise.