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Radio Show

What is it?

Press The Button is an interactive radio experience which allows the listeners, the staff, and the in-studio guests to direct the flow of audio art on any given show. At times free-form, at times orchestrated, Press the Button is a unique experiment in audio exploration. Want more? Try our F.A.Q.

When is it?
Wednesday nights 10 pm - 12 am, EST WRUW-FM 91.1 Cleveland, OH

How do I participate?
Be a part of the show by calling 216-368-2208 When the phone stops ringing, your voice will be live on the air so please read our calling tips first!

How do I hear it?
Be in Cleveland, Ohio...tune your radio to 91.1 FM any Sunday night between midnight and 3 am, or listen on the net from WRUW's website, or download last week's show, or buy/trade for any show you might like from our episode guide. We're also podcasting (and keeping our own multi-week archive) at this RSS feed. More recent show descriptions can be found at the Glacial Communications blog.

Who is doing the show?
(in alphabetical order)

every man - WRUW staff member, co-founded the radio show and band with Glacial 23. Reminiscent of a 1950's Greenwich-Villiage, NY coffee house existentialist, he works more with audio portraits, and tends to be the message within the structure. every man and Glacial 23 finished the first Button CD together in the summer of 1997. Stopped doing the show full-time since December 31, 2005.

Glacial 23 - WRUW staff member. He co-founded the radio show with every man in 1997. He also joined every man in forming a studio band based on their radio show. They named their band: The Button. Glacial 23 works more with audio landscapes, and is most often the melody, the rhythm, and the structure you hear in our works.

Widget - WRUW staff member. A very creative performer who has been known to play the guitar with effects pedals, various keyboards, and is comfortable using the computer laptop as an audio tool. Widget is also a visual artist who has recently delved into the audio realm. Widget prefers "textures" visually and that translates very well into sound, as Widget's performances are noticeably dynamic.

hetmana - Frequent guest performer who creates amazing environments of sound combining field recordings with electronica. Her typical arsenal is a DJ console, laptop, and a minidisc player. Her musical preferences tend to be for minimalist abstract aural stimulations. Her first solo release, "Cat Dreams," accurately captures the sound of falling asleep outdoors. She's also an excellent graphics designer.

J. Kyle Moyer - Extremely talented musician/artist who has slowly evolved into a full time member of Press The Button. His contributions to the show are diverse, as he works with a wide array of electronic instruments, guitars, effects pedals, samplers, computers, and sound processors. He's capable of making captivating soundscapes that can last for hours. He's also been known to make recontextualized spoken word collages. Also a singer/songwriter/lyricist, Kyle is the founder of locally based Ethereal Transmission.

Recycled Crayon - WRUW staff member. A visual collage artist, a video collector, and a frequent guest performer who embraces recycling. When the show first went on the air, she would occasionally provide us with a painting and ask us to translate it into sound. Eventually, she returned the favor and translated the sounds of one of our shows into a painting. Recently she's been making her own audio compositions. She supplies a lot of our source material from her video collections, and from time to time gets together with Widget and hetmana to do the show without us.

Who was doing the show?
(in alphabetical order)

Dave Monk - Joined Press The Button as an AP (apprentice programmer) in 1998, and faded away from us sometime in 1999 to begin "The Raver's Edge" show on WRUW. He was invovled a bit on the Button's first album, and was responsible for a lot of the electronica beats you heard during his year on the air with us. He was very witty when he talked on the air with callers, and often cultivated some hilarious coincidences with his phrase sampler on the show.

Paul Ryan - Joined Press The Button as a full time member in 1998, worked with every man in media manipulation in radio/tv/print since 1991, has had several shows with and without every man in college, and independently authors several elements of the Press The Button radio show. Paul has since joined The Button. Paul is best known for authoring his own spoken word pieces, such as The Ryan Report scripts, most of our spoof public service announcements, several short stories, and even novels. With his father being a professional studio producer, its no surprise these talents spill into Paul, though he uses them in ways the recording industry never intended. Sonically, Paul favors thought provoking abstract landscape works, with a bit of found sound portrait here and there. To pursue other projects, Paul left us in July of 2003.

Uncl Rus - Uncl Rus (Nobody, Russell Mast, Nobodobodohn) was, and kind of still us, a once in awhile staff member. It was difficult for him to make it here regularly, as he was living in Chicago, IL at the time. He was fundamentally involved in the creation of this show's original format, was heavily involved in parts of The Button's first album release, and gave us wisdom that remained inspirational to this day. Uncl Rus is a theremin player, but also works with cutups, collages, and particularly fancies verbal repetition, and how such a technique can make words lose (or gain) meanings. Uncl Rus discovered Burning Man in 1998, and has devoted much time and energy all year around to preparing for this event. He convinced every man that this event is a must see, so they joined up together there in the year 2000 and 2001, and the result was a handful of Button-esque pirate radio broadcasts where Uncl Rus was camping (we included some in past PTB shows.) He has become less and less involved with us since then. Last we heard from him, he is married and living in Texas.