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Radio Show F.A.Q.

Q: Is it a talk show?
A: No. However, we do allow listener input via unscreened, unsquelched, undelayed (but likely heavily processed) telephone call. At times it can appear to be a talk show, but that is not the show's format or goal.

Q: Is it a comedy show?
A: No. In fact, it's really not that funny. Perhaps "satire" is a better word.

Q: What's next week's show going to be about?
A: We took a survey, and found most people would rather be surprised. As for us, we'd rather you work your mind while listening in order to determine what exactly the show is about. You can always check the episode guide a couple days afterwards to see if you're right.

Q: Hey, I've got some stuff you should play/sample/mangle. How do I get it to you?
A: Email, snail mail, or if you're a WRUW staffer, leave the media in San's mailbox.

Q: I think I'd make a great guest. How would I go about doing that?
A: E-mail me. Give us a quarter of a good reason why, and we'll get back to you.

Q: I'm interested in some sort of outside collaboration with Press The Button (i.e. getting them on my show, doing a remix, etc.)? How would I go about doing that?
A: either e-mail us, or write us a letter. DO NOT CALL DURING THE SHOW ABOUT THESE SORTS OF THINGS!!!

Q: I heard you were working on something with so-and-so? What's up with that?
A: Well, tell us what you heard. We'd like to know. We hear interesting things about ourselves. Some partially true, some patently false. All will be revealed in good time. You might want to check our website or our news archives for updates about ourselves.

Q: What is The Button?
A: It is our band, which influenced the radio show we do.

Q: The dates look all messed up in the Episode Guide Wot's, uh, the deal?
A: Those dates are all in WRUW-Time(tm) where the day begins at 2:00 am and hamburgers eat people. At midnight, it's still Sunday in WRUW-Time (tm).

Q: Where is your netcast?
A: We have several different listening options on that link, including an archived audio stream for you lamers who can't stay up late.

Q: Well, I don't like the quality of the netstreams and I don't live in Cleveland. Can you send me a tape or something?
A: We sure can if you click here!

Q: Isn't there some Federal Law saying that calls have to be screened or something?
A: No! According to FCC Mass Media Bureau Publication 37, "Call-in or 'Open Mike' Programs":

        There is no Federal law or rule either requiring or prohibiting that
callers be identified before they participate in a broadcast program or
while they are on the air

and from the pamphlet "The FCC and Broadcasting" (1800C1-FCC):

        ...a station must inform any party to the call of its intention to
broadcast the conversation. This rule does not apply to conversations whose
broadcast can reasonably presumed, as for example telephone calls to programs
in which the station customarily broadcasts telephone conversations.

Both of these documents can be found at the FCC Web site.