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Recording Details:
Until January 2000, all shows were recorded on cassette tapes from the WRUW air signal. Then the shows were recorded digitally, and archived as either 192 or 256 kps mp3's using the LAME encoder. Due to the time limitations of cassetes, parts of the show were lost during the process of changing, flipping, or remembering to use tapes. Since these recordings came from the air signal, a mild hiss is heard in the background.

From January 2000 - December 2002, we recorded the show digitally from the WRUW air signal, and they were archived exclusively as 256 kps mp3's, encoded using the LAME encoder. This provided us with uninterrupted recordings, but FM signal hiss still present.

Today, we record straight from the studio. The output goes straight from our mixing board to a compressor/limiter to a hard drive. We then archive all 3 hours as 256 kps mp3's using the LAME encoder. Since we bypass the air signal, our mp3 archives have a professional CD quality sound.

This means we can give you high quality digital CD recordings of our show without anymore tape hiss, radio hiss, or lost of content from tape flipping.


Approx. 3 hours

MP3 CD's:
We distribute the shows exclusively in mp3 format burned to a data CD.

Note: Most audiophiles agree that 256 kps mp3's encoded using the LAME encoder are indistinguishable from the original source. (See Elite DAE to educate yourself on how to create the best mp3's possible!)

WARNING! You can only listen to it using an mp3 compatible player! (most modern DVD players are.)