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Radio Show Calling Tips

Wait until Sunday night around midnight (Eastern Standard Time).

Call 1-216-368-2208.

Wait for the phone to stop ringing. When we put you on the air, listen through your radio receiver (or internet connection). A recommended method of hearing what's going on and participating is to wear headphones tuned into 91.1, and hold the mouthpiece in front of you like a microphone. This makes a great amount of sense considering that you are literally performing on the show like the DJ's.

Do not hang up if you hear silence or a clicking noise! When we put your calls on the air, the clicking or beeping sound you hear is our muting the telephone so the audio in our studio won't bleed over yours. We did not hang up on you!

Say something (preferably something other than "hello" The less you say "hello" the longer you'll stay on the air.) Be a good listener, and do your best to blend in with what you're hearing. We realize this is difficult for those listening on the internet with the 4 second delay, but you can still get the vibe for what we're doing at the present moment and artistically become a part of it to the best of your ability.

Also, even though the name of the show is 'Press the Button', we encourage you to not press the buttons on your phone. It tends to drown out the rest of the mix. Plus, it's been done 100 times before and is really annoying.

Relate to the theme. For example, if the theme is about Bob Newhart, call up and imitates him, or play some of his records or TV shows at us, or reveal your opinions about him.

Don't curse. It's old, tired, played out, boring, disruptive, unoriginal, unintelligent, and required by law for us to censor anything that crosses the line of Obscenity (as opposed to indecency.)

Don't ask, "How are you guys doing that?" Most listeners don't wanna know how a magician does his tricks. If you really need to know, email us.

Don't discuss collaborative efforts.
This bores the listeners and disrupts the theme. If you are currently working on projects with us, or would like to work with us, we probably really like you (or would like you) but would rather discuss this off the air or in email.

Be creative. The more original you are, the longer you will be on the air.

Don't be offended if we hang up on you. There are a few reasons why we will cut you off. The first is for being obscene. The second is to untie the phone lines to allow other listeners to contribute to the mix. The third, is for artistic reasons (you might have said the perfect thing at the perfect time, and saying anything else might ruin the moment.)

If you'd like to inject yourself into the mix more clearly, you can find instructions on building a teletour unit Here.