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GLAC-2 - A Glacial Sampler


GLAC-2 - A Glacial Sampler

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This is Glacial 23's first solo release!

The inaugural release from Glacial Communications. A smattering of tracks recorded by glacial23 between 1997 and 2003. Some will appear on a future full length CD in an extended form. It ranges from vaguely ambient to vaguely dancy to vaguely harsh, industrial and noisy.

Track listing:
1. Pure Chance (3" edit) (1997)
2. Malnipulation (2003) <note that that is the correct spelling>
3. Oscillator Drift I (2000)
4. Phase Lock (3" edit)(2003)
5. Film (2003)
6. Jerusalem on the Cuyahoga (2002)
7. runoff groove (2000)

Click here to order GLAC-2