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The System That Never Fails

The System That Never Fails

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THE SYSTEM THAT NEVER FAILS has been carefully pieced together for nearly four years, but now listeners everywhere can "listen, pay attention, and concentrate" to the new stereophonic sounds of The Button!

We returned to the message driven style of our self-titled first album, but approached it with greater maturity, allowing our personal emotions to guide the strokes of our sonic paint brushes, while utilizing modern technology to create unusual soundscapes. Though we originally intended THE SYSTEM THAT NEVER FAILS to feel more light and humorous like our first album, we often took it into unusually dark and depressing territory. Of course this begs the question, what is "the system?"

THE SYSTEM THAT NEVER FAILS addresses Catholic idealism, the political fear of change, Corporate obsession with the bottom dollar, advertising goals, irrational copyright lawsuits in the record industry, and the individual's desire for personal wealth and fortune. "Lounge" and "swank" music fit perfectly as the bed for many of the tracks on this release, as they helped paint the perfect and carefree picture of the lougne lifestyle in the 1960's harmonized with those very same attitudes reflected in our economically conscious 21st century.

The Button: The System That Never Fails
Track listing

01 - Intro
02 - The Subconscious Mind
03 - RIAArt (feat. Phineas Narco)
04 - Broadcast Service Provided
05 - Internet Service Provided
06 - Take A Deep Breath
07 - Familiar Faces
08 - All Kinds of Roads
09 - oFF bEAT POEtry
10 - Slow Food
11 - For The Lord
12 - The System That Never Fails
13 - House And Home
14 - This Analog Hot Chocolate
15 - Hey Drew
16 - What's Prayer
17 - I Don't Care (co-written with the Evolution Control Committee)
18 - The Final Cut