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Episode Guide

Year One (Episodes 0a-51) Year 1997

Episode 0a: Asbestos Orb Scientist (5/4/97)- The groove generator belonging to the show Asbestos in Obstetrics suffers a malfunction and explodes half an hour into the show. After crash-landing the show in what they believe to be Canada, the hosts decide to find out if WRUW sounds better with butter. (90 min)

Episode 0b: Evidence of Paranormally Unfit Babies (5/11/97)-We try to find people who have seen ghosts/been abducted by aliens, but come up pretty much empty-handed. We then discover an exercise program for babies(as we all know, ya gotta keep yer babies svelte and trim). (90 min)

Episode 1: Alice in Cleveland (the 5 HOUR EXTRAVAGANZA- 5/18-19/97)- after wandering about the studios for a while, our hosts find a coin-operated subway underneath the Mather Memorial building. After taking the subway to Wonderland (which is luckily within the WRUW broadcasting range) and exploring a bit. The hosts return to find the 3:00 guy isn't there. Luckily, they are saved by Hog-Wild and his houseguest, Ozzy Osbourne. A discussion on dating tactics and sampling ensues, only to be followed by a barrage of requests for the Ramones. These are of course honored by playing Ramones remixes by the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu ( Furthermore known as the JAMs). (180 of 300 min available)

Episode 2: Drums, BDSM, and SATAN! (5/25/97)- First, a 1 1/2 hour live mix featuring live drums(well, actually a drum machine), followed a talk segment examining satanism in rock music and the BDSM scene in Cleveland.

Episode 3: Satan part 2 (6/1/97)- Satanic rituals and ways to become a rock star are examined. Featuring live Moog synthesizer!

Episode 4: Theremin Conspiracy part 1 (6/8/97)- Is Chuck D. running a pizza chain with Herb Alpert? Is Chuck E from Rugrats really dead or alive? Uncle Russ calls from Chicago and plays his theremin for us.

Episode 5: Theremin Conspiracy part 2 (6/15/97)- Uncle Russ calls from the First International Theremin Summer Institute and Festival in Portland Maine. We listen to about a dozen drunken Thereministas for the first hour, and then take calls for the rest of the show.

Episode 6: Sample Me Elmo (6/22/97)- First, an hour long mix of commercial fragments and other random bits. Second, somebody calls with a Tickle Me Elmo (which sounds suspiciously like a flying skull) and wackiness ensues.

Episode 7: Flying Skulls Sing-along (6/29/97)- The hosts try to get singers to audition for a local band, the Flying Skulls. They don't get many good responses. Unfortunately, due to some problems, this show didn't get taped by either of our anointed tapers, but some listeners claim to have tapes. N/A

Media Terrorism Act 1: Hog-Wild Invasion(7/4/97)- After staying up for hours on end producing a PtB style "song" for our good buddy Hog-Wild, we decide to invade his Friday morning show and take him hostage on, of course, the fourth of July(how appropriate!). Mostly, we just wanted a bunch of publicity. (not available.)

Episode 8: The Electronic Music Call-in Show(7/6/97)- Uncle Russ comes out to Cleveburg from the Metropolis of Chicago to play Theremin live in the studio. We counter with the groovy Realistic MG-1 and samples of other analog synths. We try to get lyrics for the Flying Skulls again, but are barraged by some of the WORST callers ever.

Episode 9: Receptacle programming: A tutorial(7/13/97)- We attempt to teach callers about experimental/sample-based audio art and receptacle programming, followed by a full-on 40-minute live mix.

Episode 10: Trip II the Moon (7/20/97)- To commemerate the 28th anniversary of the first man on the moon, we decide to broadcast live from the surface of Earth's natural satellite. Thanks to our friends at Space Station Mir, we are able to broadcast back to earth with reasonable clarity. Calls are taken about selling land on the Moon and Mars and other space-y topics. Featuring cut-ups of the previous week, music by the Flying Skulls, and a remix of Negativlands "Seat Bee Sate" from the SEX DIRT Over the Edge album. Since WRUW's tape machine was busted (AGAIN!), we don't have an aircheck quality copy, but a listener from Wyoming was kind enough to get us half of it or so.

Episode 11: Random Happenings (7/27/97)- We use an effects processor on the callers, and have some discussions on free software, nudie bars, and the Hootie Mack. We also attempt a belching contest, and play music about potty training. This episode was actually broadcast on the Internet, and ended up being delayed about a minute, which resulted in more cool effects in the mix when a caller decided to play our netcast back at us.

Episode 12: Dead City Dispepsi (8/3/97)- A tribute to the late William S. Burroughs, along with the new Negativland album. Dr. A falls into a hole. and most callers claim to be Shawn Kemp.

Episode 13: United Pastors Service (8/10/97)- Reverend Jason of the United Pastors Service stops by to tell about the ongoing strike of the clergyman's union. Callers talk about their own religious beliefs, including worship of "The Sheep" and water rats. J seems to have taken the night off, and Sam H. has not been seen for weeks, so Dr. Asbestos and Reverend Jason are left to run things. Rumors are started about a "secret episode" to occur in the future sometime.

Episode 14: Freshman Orientation (8/17/97)- We decide to teach the incoming freshmen of CWRU all the things they need to know, Press the Button style. We also drop more clues about the secret episode, which may or not be revealed in episode 15. More talk about vampires, vampyrs, conspiracies, vampire conspiracies, and the like.

Episode 15: Dr. Luv's Smut Machine (8/24/97)- Dr. Luv drops by to attempt giving love advice. That never really pans out. We give Massive Clues(tm) about the secret episode, which WILL be happening Real Soon Now. Keep your radios tuned to WRUW the rest of this week for more info...

Media Terrorism Act 2: 966 (8/30/97)- Here it is, the secret episode. A parody of WCSB's 669. Hosted by Sappy Plastic-ass and Count Jerome, this show featured call-in jungle by Dave's answering machine, an air war over the East side of Cleveland, and a plea for peace by Feima. Rick Gilmour (a.k.a. "Gilly") would have been our guest, but (sadly?), he was hired by WTAM, and could no longer appear on WRUW or WCSB or anywhere. (approx. 150 min)

Episode 16: UPS/Save our Sexdirt (8/31-9/1/97)- To start off the new fall season, we have Uncle Russ come out again with much material on UPS(with it being Labor Day and all). The second hour was the "Save our Sexdirt" concert mentioned during 966. Then things got weird. The guy after us didn't show (does this happen every semester?) We did what we could until about 3:00, and then pooped out, and played some records(some George Carlin, followed by Negativland's A big 10-8 place. At about 4:15, we decided to have a discussion about age of consent laws, and the 5:00 hour was me playing music.

Episode 17: Vampire Hijinks (9/7/97)- Guests included Akasha the Vampiress, Mistrass Guru, and our new intern, Dave. The show mainly consisted of a discussion of vampirism and vampire-related topics. During the 2:00 hour, Akasha decided to turn J into a vampire.

Episode 18: Noise and Toilet Cakes (9/14/97)- 2 hours of pure, messed-up NOISE!!! followed by a long talk with Dave(of Dave's answering machine fame) about music production and underground computer activities.

Episode 19: Martian Adventure (9/21/97)- A trip to Mars begins the episode. Eventually Dave's Answering Machine shows up with a non-phoned-in version of "Press the Button (toilet cakes mix)". Some other stuff happened.

Episode 20: Pink Floyd Office Supplies (9/28/97)- Lots of heavily-effected Pink Floyd, discussions of office supplies, attacks by the Mole People and their leader, Herb Alpert. Lots of good sampling on this one, but very little caller input(disappointing).

Episode 21: The Golden Age of Stupid(10/5/97)- Morrissey on Mars. Kermit the frog. Miss Piggy being consumed. I don't get it either, but I was too busy being sick(you can probably hear me blowing my nose and coughing on the tape).

Episode 22: Psychic Nite? (10/12/97)- Russ return for a third visit to PtB. This time, he brings along Isabella the Psychic. She makes some predictions for callers. Later, Intern Dave decides he can perform psychic predictions too.

Episode 23: fnord

(10/19/97)- Lots of goofy ambience to this one. Much talking about 23 and things in your brain. contains some truly brilliant moments. A seven minute chunk of this appeared on the Snuggles Radio compilation "Red Hand Dave".

Episode 25: Not Funny at All(11/2/97)- this one started as a happy fun noisy show, as usual. Psycho plagiarism-accusation woman calls up and tells us we're ripping off some shows we've never heard before, and thinks we're trying to be funny. we then spend the next hour-and-a-half demonstrating that we're not funny.

Episode 26: What the ***K is Going On? (11/9/97)- The show started in 2004, with a look back at what has happened since the last episode aired in 1999. Then Psycho plagiarism-accusation woman called again and all ***K broke loose. Yes kids, a flame war broke out on the air. To complicate things further, some frisky women decided to mess with Intern Dave's head.

Episode 27: Rip Off Radio (11/16/97)- To begin the episode, General Manager Jerry Kubiak fires Press The Button for ripping off some show he's never heard before, and for ripping off his show, which is (mumble mumble mumble). PtB is then replaced by Rip Off Radio, an onslaught of 10-minute shows that take on all genres, alternating between music and talk formats, culminating in the brief return of 966(for 15 minutes only).
Accept the Contradictions.

Episode 28: All about Dave/Psychic Vampire Network/Evil (11/23/97)- Things start with a look at the life of our own Intern Dave, from his birth in Brighton, England to coming to the US; from his formative years to enrolling at CWRU. Later, a long bit about psychic vampire phenomena and then a big 'ol HAIL EVIL closes out the last half-hour.

Episode 29: Taking Jerusalem/Noise-mix (11/30/97)- It is decided, for whatever reasons, that Jerusalem should be taken. Not taken over, or attacked, or anything silly like that, but physically picked up and moved. We set out to accomplish this with some unlicensed Gallifreyan technology. Of course things get a little off track when Uncle Russ calls us with his pearls of wisdom from Chicago. Yet another all-out noisefest breaks out, including looped bits from Mr. Blisters call from Las Vegas in the previous week.

Episode 30: Sunday Sunday Sunday Seance (12/7/97)-Stooping to an all-time low in an attempt at ratings, we try to combine Occult Mysticism with Professional Wrestling. We never actually hold a seance(which was planned), but instead mess around with a homemade Ouija board. Later on J, Intern Dave, and our female guests participate in Press the Button Intergender Championship Wrestling (PtBICW), and Miss Scientology (II) is crowned PtBICW World Champion.

Episode 31: Mr. Blister's Birthday Bash (12/15/97)-At the start, a caller (Nixon) informs us that it's Mr. Blister's Birthday, and that he's actually calling from the parking lot of Mr. Blister's Convenience Store.

Episode 33:Conspiracy/FEMA prelude (12/29/97)- providing some foreshadowing to future events(other than the 1/1/98 show)- some discussion of Alien abduction/rape, and the conspiracy behind the Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA). It was decided that this would just be a prelude to the rest, since we're missing listeners over the winter break.

Media Terrorism Act 3: ***K 1998 (1/1/98)- Not passing up a chance to ring in the new year ON THE AIR, we pull out the stops in a FIVE-HOUR noisefest attempting to ***K the old year, the new year, and the millennium.

Episode 34: Fame, Fortune and Deception? (1/4/98)- We celebrate our first appearance on an album - the snuggles mailing list's "Red Hand Dave" radio compilation - and of course run off at the mouth regarding recent conspiracies. We also become very suspicious of callers trying to mess with our heads more than usual.

Episode 35: TBI (1/11/98)- Working undercover for the Tree Bureau of Investigation, we investigate mysterious murders committed by trees in the Yukon. Posing as skiers, we discover vicious trees hungry for HUMAN BLOOD! We also theorize on the nature of such madness.

Episode 36: Chupacabra Hurricanrana (1/18/98) - We start off the spring semester with the first two-hour show, and Nixon as a guest. The subject matter included Vampires, UFOs, Chupacabras, and a few other various and sundry topics. It all seemed very compressed, as it's the shortest full-length PtB made (purist fans may argue that 0a and 0b are as short or shorter, but...).

Episode 37: Alien Abduction? (1/25/98) - More in-depth discussion of UFO abductions, with revelations that abductors are usually not Aliens, but in fact Kangaroos or Rasta Antelope. The first episode to feature the use of a sampler.

Episode 38: Mishmash(2/1/98)- That which happens when no plans are made. Truly the work of madmen.

Episode 40: Politalks: Hillary Rodman Clinton (2/15/98)- Uncle Russ stops by again, this time with The First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Hillary Clinton. An interview about various and sundry social topics is done, and followed by something a little-more sample-driven. The show actually ends with a (very slight) remix of a new track by the Evolution Control Committee, "Rocked by Rape."

Episode 43:Attention Deficit (3/8/98)- A look at Attention Deficit Disorder, both from the inside and outside. No real good receptacle occurred, due to some funniness with the phones, but a not-unreasonable sounding show.

Episode 44: Material Things(3/15/98)- Dr. Richard Bannister presents all things Madonna, with a look at material from his unpublished book about The Material Girl.

Episode 46: Fluffyism(3/29/98)- Since we've been low on our heresy/blasphemy output, we decide to sketch out the details on a religion based on Fluffy the cat, called "Fluffyism".

Episode 47: Hallucination Engine pt. 1(4/5/98)- A noisy look at various psychedelic/hallucinogenic substances (mostly LSD and magic mushrooms). lots of bits of Timothy Leary and Terence McKenna, as well as audio art constructed under the influence of such things. Ends with THE GREATEST CALL EVER PUT ON TAPE!

Episode 49: Moonmix(4/19/98)- a very noisy show, originally with no real direction, but then became a space epic. No calls, as the phones were unfortunately rearranged for the WRUW telethon which started right after the show.

Episode 50: Telethon(4/26/98)- We beg for money as part of the annual WRUW telethon. We promise a special CD to whomswhoever donates $50.

Episode 51: Splat(5/3/98)- Dave dies.