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every man: The Pancultural Medium

every man: The Pancultural Medium
(discontinued July 14, 2003)

What is it?
It is hard to describe, since no two weeks have ever been the same. It is a one hour freeform experimental found sound collage program that is performed entirely live by every man, using several sources of audio, never limited to typical DJ gear. It can be similar to Press The Button, but there are no themes, no FCC restrictions, and more interaction with the listeners thanks to the Radio Freedom chat room. It is encouraged you join the chat room while you listen, because the content is sometimes based on the conversation, and may make the experience more enjoyable.

Where was it found?
On Radio Freedom

When did this show start?
May 2002

When did this show stop?
July 14, 2003

When was it on?
Wednesday nights, 9 PM - 10 PM EDT

How do I contact every man?
email him every

Please note:
Archives of these shows will soon be made available for sale or for trade.