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The Button


Track Listing:
1) No Zone
2) Lost Contact
3) Hip, High, and Happy
4) Submarine
5) Second Time 39/40
6) The Trick of It
7) Shifting Frequencies
8) No Broadcast Ever
9) Blue Ox Tree
10) Here's Jack!
11) Nine Mile Low
12) Pop Song
13) Our Fax Number
14) Examination Room
15) The Most Ugly Man in the World
16) Pour Orange Juice
17) Dog Named "Dog"

The Band:
Dr. Asbestos
Jay Kennedy
Dave Monk
Russell Mast (aka Uncl Rus)

Guest Appearances:
Robin h.
Dave's Answering Machine (the person)

Album Specs:
Time: Over 72 minutes
Tracks: 17
Released: August 1998

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