Re Dada
Track Listing

1. The beginnings 2.of 3. Dada 4.were 5.not the 6.beginnings 7.of an art, 8.but of 9.a 10.disgust.Disgust 11.with 12.the 13.magnificence 14.of philosophers 15.who 16.for 17.3000 18.years 19.have 20.been 21.explaining 22.everything us 24.(what for?), 25.disgust with 26.the pretensions 27.of these 28.artists 29.-Godís 30.-representatives 31.-on-, disgust 33.with passion 34.and with 35.real 36.pathologiccal 37.wickedness 38.where 40.was not 41.worth the 42.bother; 43.disgust 44.with a 45.false 46.form 47.of domination 48.and 49.restriction 50.en masse, 51.that accentuates 52.rather 53.than appeases 54.manís 55.instinct of 56.domination, disgust 57.with all 58.the catalogued 59.categories, 60.with the 61.false 62.prophets 63.who are 64.nothing 65.but a 66.front 67.for the 68.interests 69.of money, 70.pride, 71.disease, 72.disgust with the lieutenants 73.of a 74.merchantile 76.made to order 77.according 79.a few 80.infantile 81.laws, disgust 82.with the divorce 83.of good 84.and evil, 85.the beautiful 86.and the ugly 87.(for 88.why it more 90.estimable be red 92.than green, the left 94.rather 95.than the 96.right, be 98.large 99.or small?).  

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